“I can’t fully explain how Pandexio has been able to relieve so much stress from my day. I felt like I couldn’t keep up before, and now I feel like I’m 2 steps ahead.  Pandexio is something I wish I had when I was an analyst and a consultant. It’s completely changed the way I consume information.”

Tuffli headshot frame.jpg

Chris is a management consultant turned eco-entrepreneur. He shows corporations and governments how they can save millions on their water bills, while simultaneously saving the planet. To do this, he needs to be an expert on several fronts, including his clients, their water-use history, the water conservation industry, and the local regulatory environment. To succeed in his business, Chris needs to appear to be the smartest person in the room.

This used to be overwhelming. Chris had documents and bookmarked web pages everywhere – printed, online, on his computer. More than once a week, he had to re-find and re-read to educate his clients and answer their questions. He could only handle one client at a time and he found himself repeating the same information multiple times to each client. Then, his business mentor told Chris about Pandexio.

Now, Chris has organized his reading, facts and findings in one place – all the information that is relevant to him is at his fingertips. He can find things fast and his clients are impressed with his ability to quote the sources of his seemingly endless knowledge.  He’s been able to take on more clients and grown his own team. They all use Pandexio to collaborate and share information. 


Our Mission: future-proof the workforce

The industrial revolution transformed companies into global economic leaders because they figured out how to turn raw materials into products 50x more efficiently and effectively than everyone else.  We now live in a knowledge-driven economy. Tomorrow’s economic leaders must similarly become 50x more efficient and effective at converting raw information to actionable information.  They must develop better knowledge workers – workers who are better at using information to learn, think, transfer knowledge, form conclusions and make business decisions.  
That’s not going to happen as long as workers continue using 1980’s methods to process information – e.g. attempting to memorize it or leaving it pigeon-holed in documents buried deep in folder systems where it is all offline, inaccessible, non-measurable and non-shareable.  Our mission is to future proof the workforce by providing the education, innovation and toolset that enables knowledge workers to succeed and thrive in our fast-paced, ever-changing knowledge-driven economy.

Our Team: thought-leaders & management

Bob Danna, Chairman

Bob Danna, Chairman

John Burge, CEO

John Burge, CEO

Laci Loew, Executive VP Marketing

Laci Loew, Executive VP Marketing

Simon Politakis, CTO

Simon Politakis, CTO

Brandon Varilone, VP of Engineering

Brandon Varilone, VP of Engineering

Bob Danna, Executive Chairman

Bob Danna retired as a Managing Director from the Human Capital practice at Deloitte Consulting LLP in June 2017. With more than 40 years of experience in HR and learning transformation, leadership development, workforce analytics and associated management consulting, he has provided consulting services world-wide for both commercial and government clients. In January 2013, Bob joined Deloitte as part of the acquisition of Bersin & Associates where he served as EVP and COO. Prior to Bersin, he held senior executive management positions at several consulting firms, served on several Boards of Directors, was a naval officer, and completed masters degrees in physics and engineering.

John Burge, CEO and Co-founder

John is an engineer/attorney-turned-entrepreneur and operating executive.  For the last 15 years he has led science & technology startups and turnarounds in the medical, insurance and litigation verticals, all of which were focused on the re-engineering of information-based processes.  John is named inventor on several granted software-related patents, with several more pending.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, John was a product liability litigator at Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold and served in engineering roles with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Eastman Kodak Company.  He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and a J.D. from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. 

Laci Loew, Executive VP of Marketing

Laci is Human Capital Industry thought-leader, analyst and consultant. She has more than 30 years experience helping CEOs, CHROs, and other senior leaders optimize the performance of their people. Laci has served in senior HR roles for Motorola, United Airlines, Owens Corning and Accenture.  Prior to launching her own firm, she was VP of Talent Management Research for Brandon Hall Group and a Leadership Principal Consultant for Bersin & Associates (now Bersin by Deloitte).  Laci’s though leadership has been cited in Harvard Business Publishing, HR Magazine, Learning Executive, Workforce Expert, SHRM, and is often published in Training Magazine and other trade journals.  Laci has a BS in education from the University of Illinois, holds her MBA and is currently a PhD candidate in organizational effectiveness.

Simon Politakis, Chief Technology Officer

Simon has more than 20 years of experience in building technology teams, as well as architecting and leading the development of cutting-edge, scale-intensive web applications.  He most recently led the development of the cross-platform, HTML5 health-tracking application for Microsoft’s in-house fitness center.  Simon served as the CTO at LegacyIt (social network) and Enterprise Architect at Kelley Blue Book.  Prior to that, Simon served as Chief Architect at ProcessClaims.com – a VC-backed SaaS startup, acquired by CCC.  Simon has held other roles in a wide array of industries including health care, insurance and utilities.


Brandon Varilone, VP of Engineering and Technical Co-Founder

Brandon has more than 10 years of experience as a technology expert, specializing in the design and construction of robust, high-performance distributed systems driven by progressive technologies and conforming to the most stringent security protocols. Brandon most recently architected a global intellectual property management system for Thomson Reuters and has headed the development of enterprise solutions for Urban Science, Valassis, Compuware, and General Motors. He holds both a B.S. in Computer Engineering (Suma cum laude) and a M.S. in Computer Science (Magna cum laude) from Lawrence Technological University.

Board of Directors and Advisors

Jack Levy, Co-founder & Board

Jack Levy, Co-founder & Board

David Hain, Board Member

David Hain, Board Member

Ray Grainger, Board Member

Ray Grainger, Board Member

David Somers, Advisor

David Somers, Advisor

Marc Blumenthal, Advisor

Marc Blumenthal, Advisor

Carol Bothwell, Advisor

Carol Bothwell, Advisor

Tom Kuhr, Advisor

Tom Kuhr, Advisor

Nick Witchey, Advisor

Nick Witchey, Advisor

Ellen balaguer, Advisor

Ellen balaguer, Advisor

Dan Maycock, Advisor

Dan Maycock, Advisor

Chris Black, Advisor

Chris Black, Advisor

Bob Erickson, Advisor

Bob Erickson, Advisor

More on how we think

The name Pandexio

Pan-dex-io stands for 'Index of all'

  • PAN stands for all (e.g. panoramic)
  • DEX stands for index
  • IO stands for portfolio

Our favorite quote

“The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management in the 20th century was the fifty-fold increase in the productivity of the MANUAL WORKER in manufacturing. The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century is similarly to increase the productivity of KNOWLEDGE WORK and the KNOWLEDGE WORKER.”

- Peter Drucker

Our vision

Insights as a natural resource flowing freely across people, systems and business processes

Insight flow.jpg

Our guiding principles / strongly-held opinions


We need to move beyond it.  Humans are terrible at it.  This is what computers are for – they are far better suited for this function (infinite memory with zero decay). 

Knowledge accessibility

I should be able to access yours, you should be able to access mine and it should all be online, transparent and fingertip-accessible via smartphone.

Institutional knowledge capture

First, it needs to be quick.  Authoring whole documents is slow – tweets and annotations are quick.  Second, the primary payoff needs to be for the author (not the consumer).

Identifying and acknowledging knowledge contribution

The smartest people in the organization are frequently the least-known.  This causes inefficiency, under-utilization of resources and is unfair.  We intend to surface them.


A lot of people develop great insights and ideas, but never get credit for it.  This 30-second Fedex commercial is a great illustration: https://youtu.be/zNCrMEOqHpc.  With Smartsnips, we seek to prevent this.

Decision-making transparency

A company’s success is a direct function of the quality of its business decisions. The more transparent and measurable they become, the greater their ability to avoid mistakes and improve decision processes.

Measuring and managing knowledge work

Once the daily activities of legal and medical professionals became transparent, efficiency leaped and process management and optimization became possible.  The same can happen for all knowledge workers.

Big data and the role of humans

We spend billions on big data technology looking for needles in haystacks of unstructured data (web content, documents, etc.).  Employees are the most powerful big-data-generators on the planet, and if we just captured their insights from when they read all that stuff, the output would be invaluable.

Content curation

Employees don’t need help curating content.  They already curate it by the truckload – each storing thousands of documents across hard drives, sync engines, apps and browser bookmarks.  They need help in two areas: (1) processing the quantity efficiently and effectively; and (2) retaining what they learn.

The role of HR & L&D in curated insights

HR/corporate learning has traditionally been focused on compliance, eLearning courses delivered through an LMS and somewhat lower-level skill development. A different focus is required to support the worker of the future.  The worker of the future will be a self-learning, high-performing critical thinker and problem solver who builds their own base of expertise and can access and leverage the expertise of others. 

Management Team

Co-Founder and CEO, Board Member

  • Attorney/engineer turned entrepreneur, 15+ years in startups and turnarounds
  • Leads overall company vision, product and operations


Board Member and Executive Chairman

  • 40+ years in human capital; served as EVP & COO of Bersin & Associates, 2005 - Deloitte acquisition
  • Retired Managing Director from the Human Capital practice of Deloitte Consulting LLP

Co-Founder and Board Member

  • 25-year veteran of Accenture; ran high-tech, alliances and strategic deals
  • Growth and partnering strategy


Chief Technology Officer

  • 20+ years SaaS and mobile development in enterprises and startups
  • Leads technology strategy


VP Engineering and Technical Co-Founder

  • 10+ years building scalable systems at GM, E&Y and Thomson Reuters
  • Designed overall systems architecture, leads back-end development


Executive VP of Marketing and Industry Outreach

  • 30+ years as a consultant, analyst and thought-leader in HCM
  • Leads company marketing and industry outreach


Director of User Experience and Product Design

  • Designed Weather.AOL.com, VisitFlorida.com, career sites for BofA & Raytheon
  • Leads product design and user experience


Board Member

  • CEO of Mavenlink, a leading project and workforce management system (#1 Google app)
  • Former EVP at Inquira; former Accenture Partner, ran high-tech


Board Member

  • Founder and CEO of Gotham Growth Group, the leading HCM corporate advisory firm
  • 20 years in Human Capital as a hands-on operating executive and transaction specialist

Board and Advisors

Human Capital Software Market



Corporate Learning Market

  • Former Global Managing Director of Accenture Learning
  • Former Chief Strategy Officer of Knowledge Factor

SaaS Product Strategy

  • Former VP of Software Development, Learning Resource Network (LRN)
  • Former VP of Product Development, United Online

Professional Services

  • Former Accenture Partner
  • Executive Coach and Trainer, JM Perry Learning

eLearning Technologies

  • Former CTO eHarmony; former technology positions with Knowledge Stream Partners and LRN
  • Lead organizer for the LA CTO Forum

IT Strategies

  • Senior Manager at Capgemini; technology consultant and thought leader
  • Former technology consulting positions with Slalom, Boeing and WC3

Strategy and Marketing

  • Former Chief Marketing Officer, McCaw Cellular
  • Former Partner at Accenture, Senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

Product Marketing

  • Former VP of Marketing Operations and General Manager of the International Division of Stamps.com
  • Former SVP of Products and Marketing at Frequency


  • Former Partner at PWC and IBM Global Services
  • Former Professional Services Leader, Limelight Networks SaaS solutions

Systems Integration

  • Former CVP/GM Avanade and Accenture Partner
  • CEO Heroware

Intellectual Property

  • Head of Intellectual Property, Nantworks LLC
  • Former Director of Intellectual Property at Zetera Corporation

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