Employees attend $200B worth of corporate training annually -- where does all the "new knowledge" go?

Only two options for where it get stored today


Not the most reliable place to store information.  According to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, 42% is gone within 20 minutes, 72% within two days.  Even if we assume some employee adoption of the latest-greatest memory/repetition technique, odds are that half the corporate training budget evaporates into the ether. Memorization is just as effective in the corporate world as it was in Middle School.


The typical take-away from corporate training is a bunch of documents.  They will get filed away (hopefully), and to re-access them, the employee will have to remember the name of the folder, sub-folder, sub-sub-folder.... and ultimately the name of the document. Then, if they find the document, they have to read the document in hopes of finding what they were looking for (if they can still remember it).

Why do we continue believing that drumming information into people's heads is an effective way to train them?

We should not have to memorize everything. Not in today's hyper-information world.  Not when the average 5th grader can access turn-by-turn directions to an address in a different state in 15-seconds on a smartphone (complete with a satellite view of the surrounding buildings).  Why can't our OWN KNOWLEDGE be this accessible  If it was, we would not have to try and store so much of it in our brain cells where it decays faster than we learn it.

There is a new Sherriff in town -- a quick-draw they call the Smartsnip


Your existing LMS social features can transform a workforce into a powerful knowledge-generating machine

Think crowd-sourced Cliff-notes for corporate content

Using Smartsnips to arm employees with rapid-access to expertise

At some point in our childhood education, we all experienced the teacher who let us use our notecards on the exam.  What a relief that was!  Instead of memorizing the entire chapter, and trying to keep all the information in our heads, we just needed to have rapid-access to it in our notecards.  Well, we can finally do the same thing in corporate training.

Smartsnips are individual units of knowledge that employees can quickly access and consume. They are like those notecards, only they:

  • Always retain their link to the source document

  • Can be accessed in unlimited quantities on all your devices (including your Smartphone)

  • Don't have to be yours -- they can be from your co-workers, or provided in training

  • Can be sorted, filtered, searched and re-assembled in a multitude of ways