Trial Agreement

Our goal is to make it easy to embed Pandexio into your application and test it with your customers.  To facilitate that  goal, we created a simple trial agreement that you can use for up to six (6) months.  Upon approval of your plan to embed Pandexio, the below will automatically apply.  You can replace it with a formal agreement at any time during or after the trial:


When you embed Pandexio into your app, you become part of the Kflow Movement

One of the benefits is that your application will be designated “Kflow-enabled” and announced to members of the Kflow Movement, notably systems integrators.  Learn about more benefits at


You can use our marketing materials with your branding – that’s why we created them

We have created a variety of videos and other marketing materials that help educate and inspire – please use them if you find them helpful.  We can also write guest blog posts, or anything else that helps you communicate the benefits of the new functionality to your customer base.


Use of Pandexio under the trial agreement is free

The goal is for embedded Pandexio functionality to ultimately become an add-on upsell for you, or become part of a higher-paying premium offering.  Our standard financial terms for an add-on upsell is simple:  you get half of the upsell revenue, we get half.  If after the trial period you don’t think you can sell Pandexio as an add-on, or you would like to build Pandexio functionality into a premium offering, we’ll determine pricing at that time.


Users of Pandexio within your Application are YOUR customers

The users are your customers, YOU are our customer.  You will continue to use your branding with Pandexio’s new functionality within your application.  We require ingredient branding – to drive awareness and ultimately enhance the perceived value of your application.


We will provide tier-2 support to your customers for Pandexio functionality, treating them as if they were our valued customers

The only interaction we will have with your customers is when they are routed to us as part of the tier-2 support we will be providing you.  We will treat them as if they were our valued customers, though we will be representing your implementation of our functionality.  


The customer owns the data (not us or you)

Pandexio data objects are neither your data nor our data, it is your customers’ data.  We feel strongly about this.  In the unfortunate event a customer does not pay, we do not want to be in a position of withholding their data from them.     


We abide by your privacy policies and security policies.  

These are your customers and we’ll abide by your policies for servicing them.  There are two potential exceptions to this: (1) we follow the law, even if the law conflicts with your policies and procedures.  For example, in the event of a claimed trademark violation related to content stored within Pandexio systems, we follow the processes that we believe are required regardless of any policies you have which may conflict; (2) we make aggregate use of metrics related to the data for benchmarking purposes that benefit all organizations making use of Kflow functionality.


You can use our trademarks as needed to market the embedded functionality

We created them for you to use.  To use them, please follow our simple policies and procedures set forth in our Branding Guidelines.


You can use this trial agreement for up to six months, and you can terminate it at anytime

This agreement is designed to get up and running fast and confirm the relationship meets our mutual expectations.   It has a limited scope: you get a license to use the Pandexio API while this trial agreement is in effect.  You can’t sublicense it or use it in a way that could compromise security.  You can terminate it and/or replace it with a formal agreement at any time during the trial period.