How would employee performance improve if they could quickly re-access what they have read and learned?

A few examples of employees who could benefit



Consultants get hired because they are experts, and are under constant pressure to acquire new knowledge and show it. Smartsnips can aid them in learning and remembering what they read about new processes, companies and industries.  By accelerating this process and increasing retention, you will keep your consultants looking like the smartest people in the room. 


Researchers & Analysts

Anyone doing research is under pressure to provide actionable insights that lead to the next solution or discovery.  The quantity of information they have to consume, digest and apply can be staggering.  Smartsnips enable researchers to quickly parse mountains of content, and boil it down to manageable snips of relevant, bottom-line information. Keeping each fact associated with a source document saves time and effort when creating footnotes and bibliographies.



Innovators must constantly demonstrate in-depth knowledge on the problem they solve, their market, competitors, business models and a host of other topics. Doing this well is crucial to gaining support and getting the product right. Smartsnips arm the innovator with facts and trends at their fingertips, enabling them to demonstrate their expertise every step of the journey.



Today's customers expect sales reps to be experts on their products and services.  Perceived expertise and trust go hand-in-hand, and superior knowledge can translate into superior sales.  Smartsnips enable sales personnel to amplify their expertise by placing product and service knowledge at their fingertips.



Support personnel operate in a highly time-sensitive environment and are expected to learn more information faster than ever before. While structured knowledge bases certainly help, much of the information support needs to know is buried within technical documentation, or scattered across the Internet.  Smartsnips enable companies to generate people-powered knowledge bases that turn unwieldy unstructured data stores into actionable intelligence for providing answers and solutions.

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Your thought-leaders and bloggers produce knowledge as their product, need to stay current and continually demonstrate their expertise.  This can be daunting in a fast-moving knowledge economy.  Smartsnips helps them accelerate and manage the process of knowledge acquisition and organization, enabling them to quickly and credibly make their points.

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Team Collaborators

Content often plays a central role in team collaboration.  All too often, this collaboration occurs at the whole-document level, when it needs to happen at the sub-document level -- the facts, findings and insights contained within the content.  Smartsnips enable team collaborators to focus on the relevant 2% so they can analyze and interpret it as a team.


Meeting Participants

Meetings and presentations are notorious for lacking substance -- the very facts, sources or other evidence necessary for reliable decision-making.  Smartsnips incorporate these elements into their very design, and can add a much-needed dose of evidence to decision-making processes.