Companies now have a choice:

Continue collaborating with bulk information or start collaborating with insights

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R&D / innovation acceleration

Rich, insight-level collaboration within innovation teams, combined with direct access to insights across the organization

Sales effectiveness

 Arming sales reps with the insights and wisdom of the organization to enable superior client engagement

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Business challenge

  • Everybody wants their sales reps to be more consultative, trusted advisors who engage deeply with clients

  • Training and content solutions fall short

  • Reps forget training way too fast and content is more of a leave-behind

Skill-execution Pandexio explicitly supports

  1. Researching and learning a domain

  2. Actively listening & asking questions

  3. Correctly answering questions

  4. Teaching and challenging clients

 Human Capital Management

Connecting employees at the insight level addresses a broad range of human capital needs and challenges

Continuous learning, micro-learning, democratization of knowledge, deeper mentoring, faster on-boarding, institutional knowledge capture, etc.

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Daily employee productivity

Less time wasted sifting through white-noise on intranets or searching and learning something a colleague already covered

Collaboration in social networks

Empower insight-sharing to drive rich, meaty collaboration about information, evidence, thinking and knowledge that can lead to action.


Searching for information

Employees search/browse colleague insights before resorting to Google or enterprise search and potentially reinventing the wheel.



High-quality decisions supported by verifiable, evidence-based insights

Reflecting a diverse set of information sources, human expertise and critical thinking

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Everyone talks about the need for it. Pandexio enables knowledge workers to actually DO IT.

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Performance Impact

Insight sharing empowers companies to collaborate leaner, faster and smarter than their competition