Organizations that fail to adapt to these trends risk workforce obsolescence

#1 skill

required for the 2020 workforce is Complex Problem Solving

World Economic Forum, 2016

18 months

is the rate at which the world’s information doubles

IDC, 2011

84% of the value

of corporations is now comprised of intangible assets

Ocean Tomo, 2015

#2 skill

required for the 2020 workforce is Critical Thinking

World Economic Forum, 2016

#1 factor

holding back knowledge workers is information overload

Bersin, 2012

#1 method

for sharing human insights today is by sharing whole documents, 2018

3X growth

of non-routine cognitive jobs compared to routine cognitive

Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis, 2017

19% of time

in an employee’s workday is spent searching and gathering information

McKinsey, 2014

72% of info

is forgotten by humans within 48 hours of consuming it

Hermann Ebbinghaus, 1885

The workforce of the future is here. Are you ready?

For details on the 5 workforce trends, how to adapt and respond, see our widely-published thought-leadership below

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