Addressing Top Leadership Priorities

Data Mining

Employees data mine daily as they consume content.  Today, they capture this output in sticky notes or between their ears.  Employees are the most powerful big-data generators we have and Smartsnips unlock this value.


Memorizing everything is an ineffective and burdensome way to build team knowledge and expertise, particularly when they forget 90% within 30 days.  Smartsnips relieve your employees of this memorization burden, and amplify their abilities to acquire & apply expertise.

Employee Engagement

Information overload is a primary cause of employee disengagement and the load is only going up.  Smartsnips provide a much more efficient and sensible way of working with information by directly capturing and managing the actionable 2%.

working lean

Lean has transformed manufacturing productivity and is now the predominant process management methodology for services organizations.  Storing and sharing whole documents and web pages, when only 2% is relevant and actionable, is the opposite of lean.

Millennial Expectations

By 2020 Millennials will make up half the workforce.  In their consumer life, they prefer systems like Twitter and Pinterest, condensed forms of information they can consume fast.  Smartsnips apply this same concept to the world of business content.

Social and Mobile

Half the devices on corporate networks are now mobile, and social networks are how Millennials prefer to communicate, collaborate and work.  Whole documents are too big and bulky within these environments, whereas Smartsnips are just right.